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Lyman is a performing songwriter and recording
musician. For more information click here:

Lyman Louis



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Phone: 971.563.3411
E-mail: lymanlouis at gmail dot com

Lyman Louis

Bass - Guitar - Mandolin - Songwriting



Private Lessons

I teach private lessons Monday through Friday from about 10am to about 8pm. Private lessons are $50/hour and most students take 1/2 hour lessons.

The majority of my students come to my home studio in Warren (OR) for lessons, but I make house calls for a limited number of students for an additional charge.

Lessons are tailored to specific students so for the most part books are not required. From time to time, I may suggest books or other materials for students to purchase.

In addition to their lessons, most students need to practice 30 minutes per day at a minimum to make any progress. I strongly recommend 3 10-minute sessions for the most effective learning.









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